Strong currents: Navigating the Post-Brexit Energy Market

Tuesday 4 July 2017, 12.30 – 1.45pm BST

The status quo of the UK remaining in the EU's internal energy market is highly unlikely. This report, in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group and Global Counsel analyses the implications for the UK and the EU27 to help business leaders understand and adapt to what comes next – being prepared for both the challenges and opportunities.

Following the UK General Election, much uncertainty about the nature of the future UK-EU relationship remains. However, for the energy sector our collective analysis shows that, whilst legal changes to status are anticipated, there is scope for much continuity in practice. The challenge for the sector is to understand the role they may play in shaping the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. Ensuring that business retains a strong voice will be critical in ensuring that the outcomes are beneficial for both the EU and the UK.

Join us for this webinar at which the authors will explore:

  • The impact of the UK General Election on the Brexit energy negotiations
  • The key dynamics and drivers of the Brexit energy negotiation outcome;
  • The most significant Brexit risks and opportunities facing the UK energy market;
  • What role business can play in shaping the outcome of Brexit negotiations;
  • Possible longer term implications of Brexit for the UK and remaining EU energy sectors
  • Strong currents: Navigating the Post-Brexit Energy Market

Please contact Jane Webber if you would like to register for this event.

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