Bahrain introduces a new Labour Law

The Kingdom of Bahrain has introduced a new labour law for the private sector (Law No. 36 of 2012), issued by the King of Bahrain at the end of July.  According to reports, the new Labour Law includes the following measures:

  • an increase in annual leave from 21 days (or 28 days after five years' service) to 30 days;
  • an increase in sick leave from 45 days per year (15 days at full pay, 15 days at half pay and 15 days without pay) to 55 days (15 days at full pay, 20 days at half pay and 20 days without pay); 
  • an increase in paid maternity leave from 45 days to 60 days, plus the right to take a further 15 days of unpaid leave;
  • compensation for the employee in the event of unfair dismissal;
  • new penalties for employers for failure to comply with the new Labour Law, in particular imprisonment in certain cases for failure to implement adequate health and safety policies.

It is also reported that implementing regulations will be brought into force within six months

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