Webinar alert – Dispute resolution clauses: how to avoid pitfalls

On Wednesday 23 November Adam Johnson and Pamela Kiesselbach will deliver a live audio webinar exploring a number of practical issues to consider when drafting dispute resolution clauses (12:45 to 1:45 UK time).

The webinar will provide an update on recent case law on conflicting jurisdiction and arbitration clauses in complex transactions and will offer guidance on how to ensure that the "correct" jurisdiction clause covers a dispute. The webinar will also consider the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive jurisdiction clauses and the drafting required to make a jurisdiction clause non-exclusive.  The panellists will conclude with a short overview of the changes to the European jurisdiction rules proposed by the European Commission which are currently subject to a lively debate.

This is part of our series of “Soundbite” webinars, which are designed to update Herbert Smith LLP clients and contacts on the latest developments without having to leave their desks. The webinars, both live and archived events, also qualify for one CPD point.   

The webinar can be accessed "live", with a facility to send in questions by e-mail, or can be downloaded as a podcast after the event. If you would like to register for a webinar, or to obtain a link to the archived version, please contact Jane Webber.

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