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A step towards finalising the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: what does this mean for businesses?

As discussed in our blog post here, the TPP is a major free trade agreement between twelve countries in the Asia Pacific and the Americas that has been under negotiation for over four years. These twelve countries are the USA; … Continue reading

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Korea and its trade partners appoint default arbitrators under free trade deals

In two separate recent developments, South Korea and its trade partners under international free trade agreements have agreed panels of default arbitrators available to hear disputes arising under the agreements. The South Korean Government has announced a list of default … Continue reading

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Sovereignty over Islands and Consequences for Maritime Boundaries: The Dispute over Senkaku/Diaoyu/Diaoyutai Islands

The last few weeks have seen anti-Japanese protests in almost a dozen Chinese cities.  Demonstrators took to the streets apparently in response to the latest developments in a long-standing dispute between China and Japan concerning a group of islands in … Continue reading

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Bilateral Investment Agreement signed between Iraq and Japan on 7th June 2012

A bilateral investment agreement or treaty (BIT) between Japan and Iraq was signed on 7th June 2012. This is the first BIT between Iraq and a major economy and is a significant and credible commitment by Iraq to the rights … Continue reading

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Korea Bilateral Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement: the most recent example of intra-Asian trade agreements

A growing number of Asian economies are looking to each other for trade and investment. This note takes a look at such a strategic trade partnership pact – the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (the “CEPA“) entered into between India and … Continue reading

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