A new (second) edition of the Jackson ADR Handbook was published on 8 September 2016.

The original edition of the Handbook (see our bulletin here) was published in 2013 as one of the suite of measures recommended by Lord Justice Jackson in his 2010 Review of Civil Litigation Costs.  That Review endorsed a "serious campaign" to ensure that lawyers, judges and the public were alerted to the benefits of ADR in resolving disputes, and recommended that an authoritative handbook be prepared to provide practical and concise guidance on all aspects of ADR, and in particular the use of ADR in relation to civil claims in England and Wales.

The Handbook has been endorsed by Jackson LJ, the Judicial College, the Civil Justice Council and the Civil Mediation Council, and every judge who hears civil cases receives a copy as an aide. The Handbook is also be used in Judicial College and continuing professional development training sessions.

Given that ADR processes are flexible and developing, it was always envisaged that the Handbook would be an evolving work rather than a restrictive blueprint as to the scope of ADR in England and Wales. The new edition has been updated to reflect developments in case law and judicial guidance, including increased coverage of the expanding area of Online Dispute Resolution.  It also includes an expanded range of additional online resources on a companion website, including chapter enhancements, practice tips, precedents and template documents

The new edition of the Handbook can be purchased from OUP here.