Further to our previous posts of 21 January (available here) and 27 January (available here), the IMI has now released the eighth and final report arising out of the 2016-2017 GPC series. The GPC North America report is available for download here.

The latest report offers a comparative analysis of the commercial dispute resolution landscape in North America by combining the data of the seven local GPC reports to highlight both regional trends and local differences. The report identifies six top priorities for the North American dispute resolution community:

  • A focus on ADR education;
  • An increase in diversity of ADR providers;
  • The development of principles for proportionate discovery;
  • A systematic review of arbitration in the US in terms of its complexity, cost, timeliness, and access to justice;
  • A strategic plan to manage the growing influence of mediation in commercial dispute resolution; and
  • A change in terminology to embed a party-centric approach to dispute resolution.

Together, the eight GPC North America reports provide a comprehensive baseline for dispute resolution in North America, which can be used as a yardstick to measure progress over time

Alexander Oddy
Alexander Oddy
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