Pre-action protocols: Civil Justice Council recommends mandatory pre-action ADR but will consider a more flexible bespoke protocol for commercial cases

    In a recent report, a Civil Justice Council (CJC) working group has recommended substantial changes to the regime of pre-action protocols (PAPs) which parties are expected to follow before civil proceedings are commenced in the English courts. The thrust of the proposals is to give PAPs more “teeth” by: making their requirements mandatory and formalising … Read more

    UK government confirms plans for compulsory mediation in the County Court and decides against statutory regulation of the mediation sector

    The UK government has announced that it is proceeding with plans to introduce compulsory mediation as a mandatory procedural step in all Small Claims in the County Court.  All parties in cases allocated to the Small Claims track (ie most claims valued below £10,000) will be required to attend a free mediation appointment with a … Read more

    The UK has signed the Singapore Convention

    Just over two months after the announcement that the UK would join the Singapore Convention, the UK government has now taken the first step by signing the Convention. The signing in New York happened with little fanfare but is a welcome confirmation of the government’s commitment. The domestic implementing legislation and court rules now need … Read more

    The UK will join the Singapore Convention – so what now?

    Following the UK government’s announcement last week that it will sign and ratify the Singapore Convention, many UK and foreign businesses are now turning their minds to what that means for international commercial disputes with a UK connection. The UN Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation establishes a global framework for the direct … Read more