HSF is proud to support the work of Africa Construction Law (ACL) and will be participating in the West Africa sub-regional session of the upcoming inaugural virtual conference. The virtual conference will bring together experienced construction law professionals from across the continent (West, East, North, South, Francophone and Lusophone) to discuss the infrastructural challenges faced both across the continent and specific to each region.

The West Africa sub-regional session will take place over two days, with day one addressing transactional issues and day two focussing on dispute resolution in the West Africa region. The HSF team including James Doe, William Breeze and Hilary Lau are among panellists involved in discussing the trends, common risks and challenges arising at various stages of construction projects in the region.

Day 1: Transactional Module
13 April 2021 @ 11:00 BST / WAT

Keynote address: Recent developments in the West African construction market and what the future holds

Part 1: Contracting strategy and project finance

  • Project procurement strategy and risk allocation – what works from a West African perspective
  • Financing construction projects in West Africa – what makes a project bankable?
  • Public Private Partnerships in West Africa – why do they often fail?
  • Q&A with speakers

Part 2: Challenges of foreign participation

Panel discussion and Q&A: Challenges of foreign participation in West African construction projects including:

  • What lessons can be learnt from Chinese sponsored projects?
  • West African perspectives on Chinese sponsored projects

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Day 2: Disputes Module
14 April 2021 @ 11:00 BST / WAT

Part 1: Claims Management and Dispute Avoidance

  • Key trends in and common issues arising from construction claims and disputes in West Africa
  • Delayed projects in sub-Saharan Africa – drivers of delay that are typical to the region
  • Panel discussion and Q&A: Early dispute avoidance and resolution on West African construction projects

Part 2: Dispute Resolution and Enforcement

Panel discussion and Q&A: Dispute resolution and enforcement in the West Africa region including:

  • Different forms of dispute resolution available and popular in the West Africa region
  • Arbitration and the African construction industry – the trends, risks and opportunities
  • Enforcement of decisions vs forms of ADR
  • Difficulties with enforcement of ADR models

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