COP28 Podcast – Africa

    As part of our COP28 Insights! series, listen to Ernst Müller (Senior Associate, Johannesburg), talk to Stefanie Busch (ENS) and they unravel Africa’s climate commitments. Explore Namibia’s goals in emissions reduction, renewables, and green hydrogen and hear about the crucial involvement of the private sector and the significance of global collaboration for successful climate initiatives. … Read more


    As the world turns its gaze towards Dubai, it is clear that universally adopted climate action is needed for us to achieve the global ambition of limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. An important mechanism that will allow nations to achieve this is the successful development … Read more

    A just transition – Can COP28 make a fair and sustainable future a reality?

    While popular in climate policy circles, the notion of a just transition has yet to pervade the wider consciousness at a global level, even as debate surrounding climate change and net zero policies garner mounting attention. The concept of a just transition: embodies the tension between the need to move to a low carbon economy … Read more

    Future of Work: Key insights, risks and recommendations for 2024

    Our bi-yearly Future of Work report is here. The Report explores the emerging themes in the workplace in 2023, key risks and also includes five recommendations for employers. The research was gathered after interviewing 500 respondents, all of whom occupy senior management positions and who are part of the strategic leadership team or wider management team … Read more

    INVESTMENT IN AFRICA – Our Take on the Fireside

    “You are going to invest in Africa, the question is whether you are going to do so today or in twenty years’ time”. Investment focused on the world’s youngest demographic is inevitable, and the fact that foreign investment remains restrained for the time being makes it the best time to deploy capital. However, investors should … Read more

    #FDIFriday: HSF Global FDI podcast – Foreign Investment Regulation in South Africa

    Our #FDIFriday podcast series continues, bringing together experts from our Global Foreign Investment Regulation Group to discuss the rapidly-evolving FDI regulatory landscape in accessible, digestible podcast episodes. This week our experts discuss practical insights into foreign investment regulation in South Africa, drawing on their experience of the review process. All episodes released so far can be found … Read more

    ESG Tracker SADC Region October 2023

    There are so many ESG-related publications and developments that it is hard to keep abreast of them all. For this reason, HSF publishes a monthly tracker of ESG-related publications and developments, with a primary focus on developments that may be of most interest to or impact our clients in the Southern African Development Community, be … Read more