There are so many ESG-related publications and developments that it is hard to keep abreast of them all. For this reason, HSF publishes a monthly tracker of ESG-related publications and developments, with a primary focus on developments that may be of most interest to or impact our clients in the Southern African Development Community, be … Read more


The School of Oriental and African Studies recently published the third iteration of its Arbitration in Africa Survey Report in October 2022 (here) (2022 survey). The results reveal increasing engagement with and enthusiasm for arbitration among African practitioners, particularly in the booming construction and infrastructure sector. Strong participation from practitioners in jurisdictions with active arbitral … Read more

Sharm El-Sheikh COP 27 – final round-up

Final days Negotiations at COP 27 spilled over into the weekend and finished more than 36 hours later than expected. Whilst agreement was met on many key issues, there were multiple points that remained contentious. These include: A resolution that peak emissions should occur in 2025 (and that after that date, world emissions should start … Read more

Sharm El-Sheikh COP 27 – day 10 (17 November 2022)

Release of the draft text Thursday 17 November saw the UN climate agency publish the draft text of the COP27 overarching agreement, the focus of the last week of negotiations and the document that will symbolise COP27 for years to come. The text appeared to still be in a very preliminary stage and many voiced … Read more

Sharm El-Sheikh COP 27 – day 9

Day 9 – “Biodiversity Day” On Wednesday, the focus at COP 27 was on climate change’s impacts on biodiversity and endangered species, and on the link between climate change and nature and ecosystem-based solutions. Dedicated sessions and meetings discussed the need for integrated responses to climate change and biodiversity loss, as well as solutions to … Read more

Sharm El-Sheikh COP 27 – day 8

Day 8 – “Civil Society” day Civil society was the focus today, with discussions on the role of civil society in shaping the global climate agenda and implementation of the pledges. Sessions were aimed to promote engagement of and with civil society, and localisation of climate action through a people-centred and all of society approach. … Read more

Sharm El-Sheikh COP 27 – day 7

Day 7 – “Gender and Water Day” Monday 14 November 2022 was gender and water day at COP 27. Events and meetings focused on one hand on the role of women in dealing with the challenges presented by climate change, and on the other hand with impacts of climate change on water systems. Highlights on … Read more

Cameron Dunstan-Smith wins Lexology Client Choice Award 2022

Cameron Dunstan-Smith, partner in our Johannesburg disputes and CC&I practice, has been selected as the winner for the Lexology Client Choice Awards 2022 for Investigations in South Africa. Cameron has extensive experience in conducting investigations and providing related compliance advice in South Africa and in the broader African market. As a specialist in anti-bribery and … Read more

Sharm El-Sheikh COP 27 – days 5 and 6

Decarbonisation day Friday 11 November was “decarbonisation day” and focused on solutions to reduce emissions from carbon intensive industries, such as the steel, oil and gas sectors. The day brought together policy makers, scientists and industry representatives in an effort to promote collaboration on innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions. Key events included: Renewable Hydrogen: … Read more