LCIA publishes its Casework Report for 2022 – percentage of Asian parties triples and, for the first time in 25 years, no arbitrator challenges pursuant to Article 10 of the LCIA Rules

The LCIA has published its Casework Report for 2022, which is the LCIA’s annual summary of its caseload and trends. It reported fewer new cases than in 2021, but the figures for the last quarter of 2022 show an upward trajectory of referrals received compared with earlier in the year, with the number of LCIA arbitrations … Read more

Commercial Court releases its arbitration statistics: significant increase in arbitration-related applications

The Judiciary of England and Wales has published the Commercial Court Report for the year 2021-2022 (the Report). These reports are released annually to give an overview of the courts’ work and decision-making. For arbitration practitioners, they also provide insight into the number of applications made before the English court to challenge arbitral awards and … Read more