Hong Kong Court extends indemnity costs principle to arbitration agreement challenges

In Chimbusco International Petroleum (Singapore) Pte Ltd v Fully Best Trading Ltd (HCA 2416/2014), the Hong Kong Court of First Instance (CFI) has confirmed that a party who unsuccessfully challenges an arbitration agreement before the court should expect to pay costs on an indemnity basis, unless special circumstances can be shown. Background The plaintiff commenced … Read more

Singapore Court of Appeal provides guidance on applications to stay proceedings in favour of arbitration and scope of arbitrability

In Tomolugen Holdings Ltd and another v Silica Investors Ltd and other appeals [2015] SGCA 57, a distinguished panel of the Singapore Court of Appeal considered an application to stay court proceedings in favour of arbitration under section 6 of the Singapore International Arbitration Act ("IAA"). They confirmed the appropriate standard of review to be adopted … Read more