LCIA publishes its casework report for 2021 – showing among other things an increased number of cases from North America and the Middle East and continued improvement in arbitrator diversity in appointments by the LCIA Court

The LCIA has published its Casework Report for 2021, its annual summary of its caseload and trends. It reported fewer new cases than in the record high year of 2020, in a return to caseload figures around pre-pandemic levels. The top three industry sectors of the LCIA’s caseload remain banking and finance, energy and resources and transport and commodities (together representing 65% of cases).

While the number of cases referred from Russian parties declined (from 6.8% of parties in 2020 to 2.1% in 2021), the percentage of parties from North America and the UAE doubled (from 4.9% and 4.3% of parties in 2020 to 9.8% and 9.5% in 2021 respectively).

The report also demonstrates continued progress by the LCIA Court in the gender and nationality diversity of its arbitrator appointments, in contrast to party appointments.

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