Fine-tuning the English Arbitration Act: reactions to the Law Commission’s consultation paper

Today, the Law Commission published its first consultation paper as part of its review of the Arbitration Act 1996 (the “Act“). The stated aim of the review has been to ensure that the Act remains “best in class”: an approach based upon fine-tuning, rather than root and branch reform. Nonetheless, the consultation paper proposes some notable and very welcome changes and clarifications, which we outline and briefly comment on below. Continue reading

Data Objects: Law Commission of England & Wales proposes new category of personal property

On 28 July 2022, the Law Commission of England and Wales published a consultation paper on the recognition and protection of digital assets. The consultation paper recommends law reform to recognise a third category of personal property – referred to as ‘data objects’ – in addition to things in possession (such as physical objects) and things in action (such as contractual rights). The consultation paper acknowledges the flexibility of English law to accommodate digital assets within existing legal principles (including crypto-tokens and cryptoassets). However, the Law Commission recommends reform to ensure ‘data objects’ are treated consistently under English law and, thus, to promote greater legal certainty.

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