We are pleased to be a part of a webinar being hosted by Streamsowers & Köhn on ‘Arbitration Law and Practice in Nigeria‘, taking place on 28 April 2021.

Arbitration has long been recognised globally as a more commercial means of resolving disputes, especially where contracting parties are from different jurisdictions and is currently undergoing a resurgence in Nigeria as a preferred means among commercial parties of resolving disputes.

Paula Hodges QC, Global Head of HSF’s Arbitration Practice, will be joining the panel to discuss the evolution of the approach internationally and of the English courts to arbitrability, anti-arbitration injunctions, and the enforcement of arbitration awards.

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For more information, please contact Paula Hodges QC, Global Head of Global Arbitration Practice, or your usual Herbert Smith Freehills contact.


Choice of dispute resolution forum can have a fundamental impact on the ability of banks and financial institutions to enforce contractual obligations.

In our client webinar on 23 September, Dispute Resolution Choices for Banks and Financial Institutions: Maximising the Chances of Successful Enforcement, Julian Copeman, Nick Peacock and Hannah Ambrose discussed recent trends in dispute resolution choices in the banking and finance sector in the context of Brexit, before addressing:

  • the use of the English courts, providing guidance as to enforcement of English court judgments in the EU in the context of Brexit;
  • the risks and rewards associated with unilateral clauses which enable a choice of forum to be made once a dispute has arisen; and
  • the key points which banks and financial institutions need to be aware of if choosing arbitration, such as the powers of arbitral tribunal with respect to remedies and the award of interest, and the increasing use of summary judgment procedures to resolve unmeritorious claims.

The speakers also touched on practical points to bear in mind for successful enforcement in Russia, Africa, India and China, and addressed questions from clients on the restatement of English court jurisdiction clauses after the end of the Brexit transition period to minimise enforcement risk, and the availability of interim relief from the court to support arbitral proceedings.

The webinar recording is now available for clients and contacts. To access the recording, please contact Hannah Ambrose (here) or your usual Herbert Smith Freehills contact.

For more information, please contact Julian Copeman, Partner, Nick Peacock, Partner, Hannah Ambrose, Senior Associate or your usual Herbert Smith Freehills contact.

Julian Copeman
Julian Copeman
+44 20 7466 2168
Nicholas Peacock
Nicholas Peacock
+44 20 7466 2803
Hannah Ambrose
Hannah Ambrose
Senior Associate
+44 20 7466 7585


Herbert Smith Freehills and the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations are delighted to invite you to attend our webinar on Sustainability in Arbitration. Environmental sustainability is not a new subject, but is one that is increasingly at the forefront of government and corporate strategy and headlining the papers, as grappling with climate change has become a global priority. Every industry is impacted, including arbitration, and every industry is able to reduce its carbon footprint.

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Environmental and Human Rights issues in Africa have international implications – know what rights and remedies apply

In the first of our regular Africa themed webinars, on Thursday 5 October 2017, 1.00 – 2.00pm BST, we will consider the international implications of environmental and human rights issues in Africa, including:

  • The extraterritorial impacts of a local crisis: international treaty claims and the growing trend of class actions
  • To stay or to go: the risks of exit vs. remaining in-country following a crisis
  • The importance of investment structuring to maximise protection
  • Relying on treaty rights in Africa if things go wrong
  • Preventing and managing crises in Africa


John Ogilvie, Partner, Dispute Resolution, London

Andrew Cannon, Partner, International Arbitration, Paris

Laurence Franc-Menget, Of Counsel, International Arbitration, Paris

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Dispute Resolution choices for Finance Parties: A practical look at recent developments affecting dispute resolution options

Thursday 14th July 2016, 12.45 – 1.45pm BST

Finance parties are often inclined to revert to favoured dispute resolution choices in their transactions. This default position is largely based on their perception of what offers the greatest flexibility or the lowest risk or both. However, the legal landscape moves fast and there have been a number of recent developments that have challenged the assumptions supporting these default choices. Indeed, with careful drafting, finance parties are in a better position than ever with regard to their choice of forum for resolving disputes. 

In this highly practical webinar our panel will explore a number of recent developments which have a significant impact on dispute resolution choices in finance transactions and affect how those clauses can be structured. The topics our speakers will explore include:

  • the end of the threat of an "Italian torpedo" within the EU?
  • the implications of Brexit for dispute resolution and governing law clauses
  • the potential for a summary judgment style process in arbitration
  • recent changes to the position on unilateral option clauses in transactions related to France
  • alternatives to arbitration in Asia Pacific: the Singapore International Commercial Court

Our speakers will also discuss the issue of "Brexit-proofing" contracts in the context of dispute resolution.


Vanessa Naish, Professional Support Consultant, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP


Nick Peacock, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

Adam Johnson, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

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For further information or to register, please contact arbitration.info@hsf.com.

Nicholas Peacock
Nicholas Peacock
+44 20 7466 2803
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson
+44 20 7466 2064
Vanessa Naish
Vanessa Naish
Professional Support Consultant
+44 20 7466 2112

“Planes, paintings and Russian space assets” – Practicalities, challenges, successes and failures in the enforcement of arbitral awards against states and state entities

Wednesday 6 July 2016, 12.45 – 1.45pm BST

States are increasingly involved in disputes arising from commercial transactions and arbitrations with investors under various bilateral and multilateral investment treaties.  Resolving a dispute with a state is only the first step – more significant is the ability to enforce the award.

In this webinar, our speakers will draw on recent examples to discuss:

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Webinar: Investing in India – An update on the landscape and challenges for inbound investment

Monday 7 September 2015, 12.30 – 1.30pm BST

With the Modi Government well into its second year, we review the economic, political and legal environment for foreign direct investment (FDI) into India. With some still calling for ‘big bang’ reforms to transform the investment landscape, others are hailing perceived incremental changes of policy and practice by a government apparatus still trying to shape itself to majority rule after decades of coalition and compromise.

Meanwhile, the larger Indian economy has continued to grow at more than 7% a year, making India the fastest-growing big economy in the world.

In this webinar, we are joined by Dr Gareth Price, Senior Research Fellow in the Asia Programme at the independent policy institute Chatham House based in London. Dr Price will consider the progress of economic reform in India and what it means for ongoing and future FDI.

He will be joined by Alan Montgomery, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions in the India Practice at Herbert Smith Freehills who will reflect on his ‘on the ground’ experiences of handling investment into India. Also speaking will be Nicholas Peacock, Head of the India International Arbitration Practice at Herbert Smith Freehills who will provide an update on enforcement and rule of law issues for inbound investors, including the challenges of negotiating the Indian court system, international arbitration, and the use of investment treaty protection.

The session will be moderated by Chris Parsons, the Chairman of Herbert Smith Freehills’ India Practice.

The webinar is part of our series of “Soundbite” webinars, which are designed to update clients and contacts on the latest developments without having to leave their desks. The webinars can be accessed “live”, with a facility to send in questions by e-mail, or can be downloaded as podcasts after the event. If you would like to register for a webinar, or to obtain a link to the archived version, please contact Prudence Heidemans. The webinars, both live and archived, also qualify for one CPD point.

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Upcoming webinar: The recast Brussels Regulation: what it means for commercial parties

Wednesday 19 November, at 12.45 – 1.45pm GMT

The EU rules governing has jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments will change significantly from 10 January 2015, when the recast Brussels Regulation (No 1215/2012) will apply in place of the current regime.

The webinar will consider the key changes and their impact on commercial parties in practice, including a look at the problems addressed by the new rules and a discussion of where uncertainties remain. In broad outline, the main areas of reform are:

  • clarifying the extent and effect of the exclusion of arbitration from the ambit of the Regulation
  • extending the rules relating to jurisdiction agreements and defusing “torpedo” actions
  • new rules on stays in favour of proceedings in a non-member state
  • extending the rules relating to consumers and employees to apply to non-EU domiciled traders and employers
  • making Member State judgments immediately enforceable across the EU


The webinar is part of our series of “Soundbite” webinars, which are designed to update clients and contacts on the latest developments without having to leave their desks. The webinars can be accessed “live”, with a facility to send in questions by e-mail, or can be downloaded as podcasts after the event. If you would like to register for a webinar, or to obtain a link to the archived version, please contact Prudence Heidemans. The webinars, both live and archived, also qualify for one CPD point.

Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson
+44 20 7466 2064
Nicholas Peacock
Nicholas Peacock
+44 20 7466 2803
Anna Pertoldi
Anna Pertoldi
+44 20 7466 2399

Upcoming webinar: Instability in Iraq and the implications for international energy contracts

Tuesday 21 October 2014, London, Dubai, Tokyo

9.30 – 10.30am BST
12.30 – 1.30pm GST
5.30 – 6.30pm JST

As the turmoil in Iraq shows no sign of abating, our panel of expert speakers draw from their own experience in advising clients in the oil and gas sector to consider the implications of this instability on international energy contracts, including:

  • Hydrocarbon legislation in Iraq, including the positions of the Government of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG) and the Federal Government of Iraq (FGI) in relation to power to legislate and contract for petroleum operations;
  • The legal proceedings launched by the FGI against the KRG and third party purchasers of oil exported by the KRG;
  • The implications of the ICC arbitration initiated by the FGI against Turkey under an Inter-Government Agreement;
  • The impact on international energy contracts of a potential declaration of independence by the Kurdistan Region of Iraq; and
  • The implications of export of oil from Iraq by IS (formerly ISIS).


If you would like to register for this event please contact Prudence Heidemans.

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