Over the past two years we have witnessed an exponential increase in global efforts to combat corruption. Nowhere is this more visible than Asia, where a number of countries have recently passed new anti-corruption legislation or taken steps to strengthen their existing anti-corruption frameworks. Local anti-corruption laws should now be the main compliance concern for companies doing business or investing in Asia Pacific.

Our updated Guide to Anti-corruption Regulation in Asia Pacific navigates the complexities of both extra-territorial statutes and domestic laws to provide a practical guide to applicable anti-bribery legislation and enforcement regimes. As well as including new chapters on Australia and Myanmar, we have introduced a checklist at the end of each chapter. This gives readers an at a glance summary of the ‘need to know’ legal and enforcement issues.

The first part of the guide provides an overview of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act – far reaching statutes both in terms of the offences they create and their jurisdictional impact on individuals and businesses across the globe. The second part analyses the domestic anti-corruption framework in 15 key countries across Asia Pacific. We focus on three areas of particular concern:

  • the relevant legal and regulatory anti-corruption frameworks;
  • the powers and obligations of various anti-corruption enforcement bodies; and
  • the practical issues organisations should consider when faced with suspected corruption, or a regulatory or enforcement action.

To request a copy of this guide, please email asia.publications@hsf.com. If you would like more information, please contact the authors.

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Kyle Wombolt
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