Use of predictive coding for e-disclosure endorsed by English High Court

A decision of the English High Court handed down on 16 February 2016 has expressly approved the use of predictive coding (also known as technology assisted review) for a large disclosure exercise: Pyrrho Investments Limited & Anr v MWB Property Limited and Others [2016] EWHC 256 (Ch). Based on the US's experience, this case will likely … Read more

When will the Hong Kong Court grant pre-action discovery?

In Zhang Shouen and another v Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd HCMP 682/2015, the Court considered whether to grant the applicants' request for pre-action discovery pursuant to section 41 of the High Court Ordinance ("HCO"). This case provides a useful recap on the principles relating to pre-action discovery in Hong Kong and draws an … Read more