Stop, collaborate and listen: first recognition and assistance granted to Mainland liquidators in Hong Kong

In a long-awaited development of cross-border insolvency cooperation between Hong Kong and Mainland China, the Hong Kong Court has granted recognition and assistance to Mainland liquidators for the first time in Joint and Several Liquidators of CEFC Shanghai International Group Ltd [2020] HKCFI 167. Background CEFC Shanghai International Group Ltd (“CEFC“), a company incorporated in … Read more

No use lashing out over unpaid debts – cosmetics distribution company avoids winding up order despite failing to establish bona fide defence

In Swiss Cosmeceutics (Asia) Ltd [2019] HKCFI 336, Mr Justice Harris of the Hong Kong Court of First Instance declined to wind up a company despite it failing to establish a bona fide defence on substantial grounds. Mr Justice Harris commented on the difficulties presented by sporadic record keeping, and reiterated the principle that the … Read more

Hong Kong Court spits out ceviche: “objectionable” Peruvian fisheries business Chapter 11 trustee refused common law assistance

In a highly international cross-border restructuring, the High Court of Hong Kong has refused to assist the New York-based Chapter 11 trustee of a Singaporean subsidiary of the Cayman-incorporated Peruvian business China Fishery Group (“CFG”). Significantly, the Court held that there was no way that the Chapter 11 proceedings could be recognised given the applicant … Read more

Foreign companies in Hong Kong: You can’t have your cake and eat it too

Summary In the recent decision of Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings v Arjowiggins HKK 2 Ltd, the High Court of Hong Kong has provided further guidance on the winding up of foreign companies in Hong Kong. Background Shandong Chenming Paper Holding (the “Company“) is a paper conglomerate incorporated in the People’s Republic of CHina with a … Read more