Japan’s whistleblower laws set to change

Japan's Consumer Affairs Agency is currently considering amendments to expand the scope and increase the effectiveness of Japan's whistleblower protection laws. The proposal is earmarked for implementation later this year. Current status of whistleblower protections in Japan Whistleblowers are protected… Read more

Japan International Mediation Centre to open in Kyoto

It has recently been announced that a new "Japan International Mediation Centre" is to open in Kyoto, reportedly in early 2018. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which an independent third party helps resolve a dispute through… Read more

Guide to Dispute Resolution in Africa: 2nd edition

Herbert Smith Freehills has published an updated second edition of our Guide to Dispute Resolution in Africa, a publication summarising the key dispute resolution procedures and trends in each of Africa's 54 diverse jurisdictions. In the light of the recent growth in China, India and Japan's business interests in… Read more

ADR in Asia  – overview of key ADR processes

We previously reported the publication of our new ADR in Asia Guide. As well as distilling the results of our client survey on mediation in Hong Kong, the Guide contains a summary of the main ADR processes and their use… Read more

Class Actions 2013/2014 – Developments and Trends

Herbert Smith Freehills has recently published the Class Actions Developments and Trends report 2013/2014. Damian Grave, Ken Adams and Jason Betts provide a review of the past year and consider possible trends for 2014 for Australia, amongst other jurisdictions, while Peter Godwin… Read more

Japan: Yet more potential labour law reform

Following the recent election in Japan, the government is examining ways of introducing more flexibility in employment contracts. Steven Harwood looks at the various government proposals in this post. ... Read more

New Seoul International Dispute Resolution Centre opens in Korea

The new Seoul International Dispute Resolution Centre (IDRC) opened its doors in Korea last month, signalling the rising trend in international arbitration in Asia. Attending the official launch were Herbert Smith Freehills’ disputes partners Tony Dymond, based in Seoul, and… Read more

June 2013 Corporate Crime Update

This June 2013 edition of our Corporate Crime Update was published on our FSR blog and covers developments in relation to corruption, money laundering, fraud, sanctions and related matters across a number of jurisdictions, including China and Japan.  For the… Read more

Upcoming Webinars

There are a number of upcoming webinars which are likely to be of particular interest to clients from across the Asian region. Negotiating the challenges of Myanmar - Thursday, 27 June 2013 In this webinar Herbert Smith Freehill's Myanmar practice group… Read more

EU bankers’ bonus cap – CRD IV

The European Parliament has voted in favour of a proposal to introduce new rules (known as CRD IV) to put a cap on bankers' (who work for European banks anywhere in the world) bonuses. The new rules have attracted a… Read more

Arbitration in South Korea: A New Phase Begins

To mark the opening of Herbert Smith Freehills' new office in Seoul, we examine arbitration in South Korea. Whilst the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board ("KCAB") has reported growth in the number of international arbitrations, South Korea is seldom considered as… Read more

Unilateral jurisdiction clauses may not always be effective

Dispute resolution clauses that give one party the right to choose where disputes will be resolved are not uncommon, particularly in finance agreements. For example, an agreement may provide that the courts of a particular country have exclusive jurisdiction, but… Read more

Private Wealth Newsletter – Autumn 2012

The Private Wealth Team has recently launched a new Guide to Private Wealth in Asia. The Guide summarises the results of research conducted into trusts, estates and probate issues across twelve Asian jurisdictions (China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia,… Read more

Med-Arb – an Alternative Dispute Resolution practice

The practice of combining the mediation and arbitration processes (referred to as “med-arb” below) is known as both “med-arb” and “arb-med”, depending on which process was initiated first. This process involves the same person acting both (i) as a mediator… Read more

Potential Eurozone Break-Up: Questions and Answers

There has been speculation of the possibility of a withdrawal by a Member State from the Euro. What are the issues for creditors that would arise if a Member State were to decide to leave the Eurozone? What are the… Read more


国际商会于2011年9月12日公布了其最新版本的仲裁规则(以 下简称“2012规则”),该规则将于2012年1月1日生效。 除非当事人另有约定,该规则将适用于任何在其生效之后开 始进行的仲裁案件。第一版国际商会仲裁规则于1922年公布,之后分别在1955年、1975年和1998年进行了三次主要修订。此次最新的修订工作开始于2008年,由约20名来自不同国家和背景的专家组成的起草委员会负责起草,来自41个国家的约200名仲裁界专业人士和仲裁规则使用者参与其中。欧智乐及费佳现概述当中变化如下。 ... Read more