Potential Eurozone Break-Up: Questions and Answers

There has been speculation of the possibility of a withdrawal by a Member State from the Euro. What are the issues for creditors that would arise if a Member State were to decide to leave the Eurozone? What are the potential methods by which a Member State could exit and what are the different consequences? … Read more

Hong Kong Court of Appeal allows enforcement of PRC arbitral award and provides important guidance on objections to arbitral procedure and “arb-med”

In Gao Haiyan and another v. Keeneye Holdings and another CACV 79/2011, the Hong Kong Court of Appeal has allowed the enforcement of a mainland Chinese arbitral award, reversing a decision of the Court of First Instance to refuse enforcement on the grounds of public policy. The judgment contains useful guidance for practitioners and parties … Read more

Singapore Court of Appeal rules that arbitral award should not be reopened despite alleged conflict with public policy

The Singapore Court of Appeal has overturned a High Court judgment setting aside an arbitral tribunal’s decision on public policy grounds. The tribunal had found that a settlement agreement entered into between the parties was legal and enforceable. The High Court set aside the arbitral tribunal’s decision on the basis that the settlement agreement was … Read more


国际商会于2011年9月12日公布了其最新版本的仲裁规则(以 下简称“2012规则”),该规则将于2012年1月1日生效。 除非当事人另有约定,该规则将适用于任何在其生效之后开 始进行的仲裁案件。第一版国际商会仲裁规则于1922年公布,之后分别在1955年、1975年和1998年进行了三次主要修订。此次最新的修订工作开始于2008年,由约20名来自不同国家和背景的专家组成的起草委员会负责起草,来自41个国家的约200名仲裁界专业人士和仲裁规则使用者参与其中。欧智乐及费佳现概述当中变化如下。 Read more

Court imposes sentences for false statements of truth

In the case of Kinform Ltd v Tsui Loi (DCMP 947/2011), the Hong Kong District Court found two defendants guilty of contempt of court for verifying, or causing to be verified, a false statement by a statement of truth, and handed down immediate custodial sentences of five and six months respectively. This is the first … Read more

New legislative proposals on data protection law in Hong Kong and Singapore: bringing the legal regime in line with best practices

With increasing public concern over data protection issues, a bill imposing more stringent rules on the use of personal data is being considered by the Legislative Council in Hong Kong. Meanwhile over in Singapore, a consultation paper on the introduction of a general personal data regulatory regime in Singapore was also recently issued in September … Read more