UK Court of Appeal allows private LIBOR claims to proceed

An issue which has in recent years been on the agenda of financial regulators globally is the potential manipulation or fixing of the London InterBank Offered Rate ("LIBOR") and similar rates, by financial institutions.  Given that the LIBOR and similar… Read more

Japan: Yet more potential labour law reform

Following the recent election in Japan, the government is examining ways of introducing more flexibility in employment contracts. Steven Harwood looks at the various government proposals in this post. ... Read more

Hong Kong: The need to get winding up petitions right

The Court of First Instance in Hong Kong recently provided a timely reminder that the jurisdiction to wind up a foreign company is an exorbitant one and therefore winding up petitions and applications for leave to serve them out of the Hong… Read more

Singapore: Foreign hiring requirements to be tightened

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) recently announced that it will introduce new rules requiring firms to advertise job vacancies on a new ‘jobs bank’ administered by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (SWDA) before a firm can apply for an Employment… Read more

UK Court of Appeal confirms the legality of basis clauses

In Genesis Housing Association Limited v Liberty Syndicate Management Limited and others [2013] EWCA Civ 1173 the Court of Appeal upheld the first instance decision of Mr Justice Akenhead and confirmed the legality of basis clauses. A basis clause is… Read more

Employers in China obliged to keep personal data confidential

Data protection in China has been regularly in the news this year. Not only have new data protection regulations been issued, but prosecutions have increased dramatically. In this article, Karen Ip and Owen Cox discuss the employers' obligations and the risks involved. ... Read more

Revaluation and indignation

'Unjust enrichment' occurs when a defendant has been enriched at the expense of a claimant in a manner deemed to be unjust.  A common example of these types of claims is where an employee has been accidentally paid his or… Read more

Hands are Thai’d?

With increasing numbers of international estates and the multi-jurisdictional litigation it can create, the recent Court of Appeal decision relating to the estate of Vannee Nativivat raised an interesting issue: can an executor appointed under a foreign Will bring proceedings… Read more

Bringing estate administrators to account

Estates disputes in Hong Kong come in all shapes and sizes.  We have previously covered disputes over Wills.  The case of Cheng Tsang Kam Yung v Tang Kam Cheung concerned a dispute over who administers the estate. ... Read more

Building the blocks of the new Competition regime

Preparations continue as the Hong Kong Government brings the Competition Ordinance into effect in phases.  The Ordinance, which has been enacted to curb cross-sector anti-competitive conduct, is expected to remain in this transitional period until sometime in 2014 so the… Read more

Fort a losing battle?

In previous posts, we have covered some Wills disputes in Hong Kong. However, the phenomenon of large estate battles is by no means exclusive to Hong Kong. The recent Indian case concerning the estate of Raja Harinder Singh Brar Bans… Read more

Misplaced Trust

At our last private wealth seminar, we took an in-depth look at charities.  A recent UK case has highlighted some of the curiosities which can arise in this context. Back in 1927, the UK national debt reached 160% of GDP… Read more

Illegal foreigners targeted by China’s new exit-entry law

Bigger fines will be imposed on foreigners illegally entering, living or working in China. Foreign executives of companies that fail to pay full remuneration to employees may also be prevented from leaving China. Refugees have been formally recognized. These and… Read more

Hong Kong passes amendments to Arbitration Ordinance

On 10 July, the Legislative Council of Hong Kong passed the Arbitration (Amendment) Bill 2013. (Click here for our earlier post on the Bill) The Arbitration (Amendment) Ordinance 2013 introduces a number of changes to the 2011 Arbitration Ordinance (Cap.… Read more