New safeguards needed for Hong Kong’s aged dementia sufferers

As Hong Kong’s population ages and the incidence of dementia increases,  the need for effective and efficient long-term care and support systems for the elderly is becoming more critical. Particularly under the spotlight is the protection and management of a person’s property and personal affairs when they lose mental capacity without an enduring power of … Read more

Hong Kong Court refused to make a grant of administration ad colligenda bona for lack of special circumstances and special justification

In Re Oung Chi Lian Fang (HCMP2347/2015), the Hong Kong High Court refused an ex parte application for a grant of administration ad colligenda bona under s.36 of the Probate and Administration Ordinance. Introduction Ad colligenda bona grants are temporary limited grants for administration of deceased estates.  They are made in emergencies, when there is … Read more

The Hong Kong court exercises its power to appoint administrators

In ZENG QILING (A MINOR, BY MOTHER AND NEXT FRIEND WANG LIMEI) v. HOU PO CHU ESTELLA AND ANOTHER, the Court exercised its discretion under section 36 of the Probate and Administration Ordinance (the "Ordinance) to appoint two professional administrators to administer the estate of the deceased.  The Court made this order on the ground … Read more