Building the blocks of the new Competition regime

Preparations continue as the Hong Kong Government brings the Competition Ordinance into effect in phases.  The Ordinance, which has been enacted to curb cross-sector anti-competitive conduct, is expected to remain in this transitional period until sometime in 2014 so the public and relevant stakeholders can familiarize themselves with the new legal requirements and make any necessary adjustments to their business practices. Continue reading

Phased implementation of the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance commences on 18 January 2013

Several key provisions of the new Hong Kong Competition Ordinance (“Ordinance”) came into force on 18 January 2013, including the provisions relating to the establishment, functions and powers of the Competition Commission (“Commission”). This step marks the commencement of the phased implementation of the Ordinance, which was passed on 14 June last year after lengthy debate. The focus of this implementation phase includes the Commission’s preparation of guidelines regarding the competition rules, block exemption orders, lodging of complaints, investigations and the merger rule. Companies are well advised to review their practices and prepare for the new regime. Mark Jephcott and Peggy Leung provide further details below. Continue reading