There has been a significant rate of global growth of litigation in the financial services sector following the 2008 global financial crisis. While the existence of financial services litigation is truly a global phenomenon, it has become apparent that the law and procedures in relation to such disputes have evolved in different ways across the jurisdictions.

The recently published third edition of Getting the Deal Through – Financial Services Litigation, edited by Damien Byrne Hill and Ceri Morgan, compiles chapters dedicated to financial services litigation from jurisdictions across the globe, including those contributed by a number of our offices.

The text charts the growth of litigation in the financial sector worldwide, with expert authors answering key questions in major jurisdictions. Topics include: common causes of action; powers of regulatory authorities; alternative dispute resolution; specialist courts and procedures; disclosure requirements; data governance issues; remedies and enforcement; and changes in the regulatory landscape since the financial crisis.

Please find attached a copy of the publication, also available on the Getting the Deal Through website.

Contributing Offices

Australia – Andrew Eastwood, Tania Gray and Simone Fletcher

France – Clément Dupoirier and Antoine Juaristi

Germany – Matthias Wittinghofer and Tilmann Hertel

Hong Kong – Gareth ThomasWilliam HallattHannah Cassidy, Dominic GeiserJojo Fan and Valerie Tao

Indonesia – Alastair Henderson and Emmanuel Chua

South Africa – Peter Leon and Jonathan Ripley-Evans

United Arab Emirates – Stuart PatersonNatasha Mir and Sanam Khan

United Kingdom – Damien Byrne HillKaren AndersonCeri Morgan, Ajay MalhotraSarah Thomas and Ian Thomas

United States – Scott BalberJonathan Cross and Michael R Kelly

Accreditation: Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. Getting the Deal Through – Financial Services Litigation 2018 was first published in August 2018. For further information please visit


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