Commercial Court considers contractual discretion of bank to close customer account without notice where there is suspicion of money laundering

In a recent decision, the Commercial Court has upheld a financial institution’s decision to exercise its contractual right to close a customer’s accounts and terminate its relationship without notice, where the financial institution had a suspicion that its customer’s accounts were being used for money laundering purposes: N v The Royal Bank of Scotland plc … Read more

Commercial Court adopts broad interpretation of investment bank fee clause in equity and debt finance raising

Applying a commercial approach to the fees payable under an engagement agreement, the Commercial Court recently decided in favour of the claimant investment bank in Macquarie Capital (Europe) Ltd v Nordsee Offshore MEG I GmbH [2019] EWHC 1655 (Comm). The engagement provided for the supply of financial advisory services including raising equity and debt finance … Read more

High Court confirms LMA anti set-off clause applies to equitable set-off

On a recent summary judgment application, the High Court has given effect to an anti set-off clause on standard Loan Market Association (“LMA“) terms to prevent the defendant from relying on equitable set-off, as a defence to claims to recover interest and principal under a loan agreement: AMC III Purple B.V. v Amethyst Radiotherapy Limited … Read more

High Court applies contractual interpretation principles in collateralised loan obligation transaction

The High Court has recently considered the contractual interpretation of documentation in a collateralised loan obligation (“CLO“) transaction: Deutsche Trustee Company Ltd v Duchess VI CLO B.V. & Ors [2019] EWHC 778 (Ch). Applying established principles of contractual interpretation, the court held that an incentive fee was not payable to the collateral manager of the CLO, following the … Read more