Company not ordered to disclose privileged documents to shareholders in context of late application in securities class action

In an oral judgment delivered at the end of a one-day hearing, the High Court has refused an application by the claimants in a securities class action for disclosure of privileged documents by the defendant company: Various Claimants v G4S PLC [2023] EWHC 2863 (Ch). The decision considers the boundaries of the so-called “shareholder principle”, ie … Read more

High Court underlines need to consider scope of agency in considering whether documents to which agent has access are in principal’s control

In a recent decision, the High Court has held that the documents of a claimant’s creditor were not in the claimant’s control for the purposes of disclosure. Although two employees of the creditor acted as the claimant’s agent in conducting the litigation, that did not mean that all the documents to which they had access … Read more

Court of Appeal confirms identity of those instructing lawyers not generally protected by litigation privilege

The Court of Appeal has held that the identity of those instructing lawyers on behalf of a corporate client are not generally protected by litigation privilege: Loreley Financing (Jersey) No 30 Ltd v Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) [2022] EWCA Civ 1484. The court rejected the notion that litigation privilege protects all information falling within a “zone of … Read more


In this special edition of our banking litigation podcast, we consider some key issues on the topic of privilege which will be most relevant to in-house lawyers at banks and financial institutions. This episode is hosted by Ceri Morgan, a professional support consultant in our banking litigation team, who is joined by Claire Nicholas and … Read more

High Court finds accountants’ investigation report not protected by litigation privilege and considers requirements for obtaining disclosure under the Disclosure Pilot

The High Court has granted an application by a claimant state for orders that the defendant bank disclose an accounting firm’s investigation report (and associated documents) originally withheld from disclosure on the grounds of litigation privilege, as well as to disclose certain categories of documents on a Model E or “train of enquiry” basis and … Read more