Leaving LIBOR – the ISDA Protocol and Supplement

With LIBOR due to disappear by end-2021, work has been underway to facilitate the transition from LIBOR and other IBORs to alternative risk free rates (RFRs). The derivatives market has been at the forefront of the transition and is some distance further ahead than other financial markets. In particular, ISDA has recently published the 2020 … Read more

LIBOR Transition Status Update – October 2020

The cessation of the London Inter-bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) at the end of 2021 has long been an issue vexing the global financial services industry given the scale and geographic spread of exposures to the affected benchmarks across the currencies and terms in which it is published. As we reach what Andrew Bailey, Governor of … Read more

Legislating for LIBOR transition: UK/EU jurisdictional battle or complementary regimes?

The European Commission has published its proposals for an EU legislative solution for the transition of legacy LIBOR contracts. This announcement follows hot on the heels of recent announcements for similar legislative fixes in the UK (read our blog post: UK Government announces LIBOR legislative fix: summary of proposals and our initial observations) and the … Read more

ISDA releases report explaining final results of LIBOR consultation on pre-cessation fallbacks: the nuance behind the consensus

We commented last month on the announcement from the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), confirming the preliminary results of its re-consultation on the implementation of pre-cessation fallbacks for derivatives referenced to LIBOR: ISDA pre-cessation fallback consensus: will this reduce legacy LIBOR risk in the derivatives market? ISDA has now published a report summarising the … Read more