UK: Brexit – practical steps for employers now

The post below was first published on our Employment blog

Following the Leave vote last week, employers are faced with a period of considerable uncertainty. The leaving process is put in train by giving a notice under Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union, and this currently seems to be unlikely before the Autumn.  Even after that, until the UK actually leaves the EU, EU law continues to apply in the UK.  The extent to which new EU migrants are prevented from coming to work in the UK, and how much EU-derived employment law is retained, will be determined by UK law applicable when the UK leaves the EU and may not be finally settled until terms have been negotiated for our ongoing relationship with the EU, a process that could take several years and may not be completed when we leave the EU. Only as policies and negotiating positions become clear will employers be able to firm up their own responses.  So what to do in the meantime?

Keeping abreast of developments will be key, to try and get a feel for the likely direction of travel and the consequent implications for HR.  Our ebulletin here discusses what happens next, as well as outlining some practical steps.  Our Brexit hub explores the implications across a range of sectors and practice areas and includes a link to our more detailed (pre-vote) webinar on the possible employment and immigration law scenarios depending on the terms negotiated.

The key practical points now, in terms of employee issues, are:

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