UK Government releases new papers ahead of third round negotiations

Today the UK Government released two new position papers. The first paper outlines the UK’s proposals for the regulation of goods to ensure the availability of goods at the date of withdrawal, to avoid a potential cliff edge situation. This paper focuses on four key principles:

  1. Goods placed on the Single Market before exit should continue to circulate freely in the UK and the EU, without additional requirements or restrictions;
  2. Where businesses have undertaken compliance activities prior to exit, they should not be required to duplicate these activities;
  3. The agreement should facilitate the continued oversight of goods; and
  4. Where the goods are supplied with services, there should be no restriction to the provision of these services that could undermine the agreement on goods.

The UK Government hopes negotiations on this topic will assist in moving towards a future trade agreement with the EU.

The second paper released today addresses issues of confidentiality, particularly the confidentiality of documents and information obtained by the UK and the EU pre-withdrawal.

A third round of negotiations between the EU and UK are due to commence next week. The Government also released a news story on the two position papers, which can be viewed here.

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