UK Department for International Trade and the UK Treasury release Brexit papers on future UK trade policy

The UK Government’s Department for International Trade has released a policy paper on ‘Preparing for our future UK trade policy’ in which it is seeking views on all aspects of its developing approach to the UK’s future trade policy.  Feedback should be sent to by 6 November.

The first part of the paper focuses on the trading world in which the UK operates and the role of trade in the economy. The second part of the paper outlines the basic principles that will shape the UK’s future trading framework and its developing approach to trade policy, with particular focus on these five points:

  1. Trade that is transparent and inclusive
  2. Supporting a rules-based global trading environment
  3. Boosting our trade relationships
  4. Supporting developing countries to reduce poverty
  5. Ensuring a level playing field – a UK approach to trade remedies and trade disputes

The UK Treasury also released a new paper titled ‘Customs Bill White Paper’. This paper addresses plans to legislate for the standalone customs, VAT and excise regimes for the UK post-Brexit.

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