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UK Government announces new key Bill relating to Withdrawal Agreement

The UK Government has announced that a new Bill will be released which will, once passed, enshrine the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU into UK law. This new Bill will ensure that the major policy decisions made … Continue reading

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New Trade Bill published

The UK Government has published a new Trade Bill which aims to ensure that the UK has the necessary tools in place to operate its own trade policy once it leaves the EU.  The Bill includes provisions for the UK … Continue reading

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Banks, Brexit and what’s next?

The global financial crisis in 2008 and the slump that followed were predicted to change the face of international banking, mark a retreat from globalism and result in much tighter regulation of institutions. The last is undoubtedly true, particularly in … Continue reading

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The Brexit negotiations – the view from Brussels on developments in October

The Brexit debate often looks different viewed from Brussels rather than from London. It is however important for businesses to also keep in mind the Brussels perspective and therefore we publish a monthly view from our Brussels office on recent … Continue reading

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