The UK ratifies the Unified Patent Court Agreement on World IP Day

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The UK has ratified the UPC Agreement today, 26 April 2018, which also happens to be World IP Day.

The UK IP Minister announced the ratification at a World IP Day event at the House of Commons this afternoon. It seems that the UK Government has listened to the many representative groups in the Patent arena who suggested that being part of the new system prior to Brexit was preferable to trying to join it post-Brexit.  Now we need to wait to see if the German constitutional challenges can be resolved before the end of March next year. Continue reading


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All too often, dispute resolution clauses may be treated as part of the boilerplate: the usual wording thrown in, with perhaps little thought for the particular circumstances.

But the question of how a dispute will be resolved – whether by litigation or arbitration, where and under what law – may make all the difference to whether or not you will be able to enforce your rights under the contract. So it is important to think about these matters at the outset. Once a dispute has arisen, it will generally be too late.

In this tenth of our series of contract disputes practical guides, Adam Johnson QC, Alexander Oddy and Nick Peacock consider choice of law and jurisdiction/arbitration clauses, as well as clauses providing for mediation or other forms of ADR, and provide some practical tips on their use. You can click here to download the PDF guide.

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EEA insurers and reinsurers doing business in the UK under the insurance passport must prepare for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. We consider, in our latest “At a Glance” guide, the impact of Brexit on the cross-border activities of EEA (re)insurers, including how firms might respond to the European Council’s recent agreement to a transition period.

The “At a Glance” guide can be found here.

Draft Statutory Instruments amending “retained EU Law” Starting to Appear

While the date for the passage of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill is receding, as a messy political standoff on its terms takes place, the Government has published example draft Brexit Statutory Instruments planned to be passed under the Bill once enacted.  These are designed to adapt EU law which will be retained in UK law after Brexit to operate in the UK once it is no longer a member of the European Union.  This move to publish example legislation in draft in effect means that there is opportunity to comment on the approach being taken in the event that it raises concerns. Continue reading


The UK Government, in a letter to the House of Lords EU committee published last week, has provided important clarifications in relation to the future UK State aid regime post-Brexit. The Government confirmed that it is planning to establish a full UK-wide subsidy control framework based on transposing the existing EU State aid rules, with a single independent UK body for enforcement and supervision, at the point that this is required (having regard to the negotiations). The Government has decided that the existing UK competition authority, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), would be best placed to take on this role.

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On 19 March 2018, the European Commission published a notice to stakeholders on the consequences of Brexit for audiovisual media services. This makes it clear that, subject to any transitional arrangement, as of the withdrawal date, the EU rules in the field of audiovisual media services will no longer apply to the UK. Therefore, in summary, UK-based broadcasters would be left relying on laws written in the 1980s.

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Recent announcements made by the PRA and FCA clarify their approach to Brexit following the European Council’s agreement to a transition period for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. In particular, insurers, insurance intermediaries and other financial services firms have been encouraged to assume that they will continue to benefit from passporting rights until December 2020. Continue reading

UK Government agrees elements of the European Commission’s proposals for post-Brexit protection of EU-wide IP rights in the UK in the latest draft of the Withdrawal Agreement

The post below was first published on our Intellectual Property blog

In the latest draft of the Withdrawal Agreement (19 March 2018) the UK Government and European Commission negotiators appear to have agreed text providing for the replacement of EU-wide IP rights having effect in the UK with equivalent UK rights at the end of the transition period post-Brexit (until 31 December 2020). Continue reading