Draft Statutory Instruments amending “retained EU Law” Starting to Appear

While the date for the passage of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill is receding, as a messy political standoff on its terms takes place, the Government has published example draft Brexit Statutory Instruments planned to be passed under the Bill once enacted.  These are designed to adapt EU law which will be retained in UK law after Brexit to operate in the UK once it is no longer a member of the European Union.  This move to publish example legislation in draft in effect means that there is opportunity to comment on the approach being taken in the event that it raises concerns.

The key link to the DExEU pages of the GOV.UK website is here:

To reach the new drafts, you have to scroll down past the primary information related to the Withdrawal Bill itself and need to click the button for “see all updates” at the end of the page to increase the chances of seeing all available material. Even then it may be difficult to find what is relevant to your interests, amid a plethora of draft legislation on everything from Exotic Diseases to Financial Regulation!   For example, the following piece of financial services legislation is currently elusive, although its explanatory notes are available.  This direct link works.

We will update on any developments in the web-site or other sources for Withdrawal legislation.

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