Brexit 9 months to go: Brexit Legal Guide

As business makes increasingly vocal calls for legal certainty we are pleased to launch this updated Brexit Legal Guide. The new online guide will be regularly updated as the legal impact of Brexit evolves. Forthcoming updates will include reaction to the UK Government’s White Paper on its proposals for the future EU-UK relationship (expected week of 9 July).

The launch of our updated Brexit Legal Guide comes:

  • as the key piece of UK domestic Brexit legislation, the (European Union) Withdrawal Act, passed into law – almost a year after it was introduced
  • on the day the key June EU Council begins – which will attempt to make progress on finalising the crucial draft Withdrawal Agreement

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Agreement reached in principle on Brexit transitional provisions for jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments

The post below was first published on our Litigation blog

On 19 June, the UK and EU negotiators published a joint statement outlining the progress made on the draft Withdrawal Agreement since it was last published in March 2018. The joint statement confirms that agreement has been reached in principle on the provisions relating to jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments, under article 63 of the draft Withdrawal Agreement. This means that, assuming the Withdrawal Agreement is ultimately finalised and put into effect, current rules on both jurisdiction and enforcement will apply where proceedings are commenced before the end of the transition period (31 December 2020).

Disappointingly, however, there is no provision for the current rules on either jurisdiction or enforcement to apply where a jurisdiction agreement was entered into before the end of the transition period, if proceedings are commenced only after that date. Continue reading


The Brexit debate often looks different when viewed from Brussels rather than from London. That Brussels perspective however is important for businesses to keep in mind and therefore we publish a monthly view from our Brussels office on recent developments and the state of the negotiations.

In this View from Brussels we comment on parallel developments that have taken place in the international arena.  Brexit will not only impact the trade relations between the UK and the EU.  It will also have important consequences for the trade relations of both the UK and the EU with third countries with which they are bound through numerous free trade agreements (“FTAs”) as well as the WTO Agreement.  This briefing considers the roll-over of existing free trade agreements and the disentangling of the UK from the EU membership of the WTO.

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The House of Lords European Union Committee published a report on the future UK-EU relationship

On 8 June 2018, The House of Lords European Union Committee published its report ‘UK-EU relations after Brexit’. The paper looks into the UK joining the European Free Trade Association, participating in the customs union, forming a customs partnership or establishing a Free Trade Agreement with the EU as possible scenarios for the UK’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU.

As part of the report, the Committee has published a colour-coded table showing the extent of agreement between the Government, the European Council and the European Parliament, across all policy areas. The Committee will update this table over coming months to reflect progress in negotiations.

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