The European Commission today released its Communication on preparing for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The Communication follows the European Council’s remarks at the 28-29 June Council meeting that no substantial progress has been made on the negotiations calling for intensified Brexit preparedness at all EU27 levels.

The Commission published its Communication alongside an Annex identifying the 68 Commission Brexit preparedness notices issued to date and a Factsheet on the matters EU27 businesses need to consider in preparation for Brexit.

This comes the day after the Prime Minister stated during her oral evidence at the House of Commons Liaison Committee (18 July 2018) that the new Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, Dominic Raab “will be releasing a number of technical notifications to set out what UK citizens and businesses need to do in a no-deal scenario”. She said that there would be about 70 such technical notices.

Back in April it had been reported that the EU would in due course be publishing details of specific “emergency powers” to give the EU Commission and other EU regulators, for a limited period, to handle an abrupt UK exit. It was suggested that it could include waivers for companies in order to help protect business continuity. However, the closest this release goes to such issues is a statement that “the Commission may take additional necessary action by using the empowerments it has received from the European Parliament and the Council in basic legislative instruments to adopt implementing or delegated acts. This area is currently subject to an ongoing in-depth scrutiny by the Commission.”

The full set of today’s Commission materials can be found here.