At the time of organising this webinar and following the defeat of the negotiated Withdrawal Agreement for a third time and the House of Commons’ inability to agree an alternative way forward by way of indicative votes, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have agreed to sit down to agree a plan for leaving the EU with a deal. However, with just 8 days to go until the new exit date of 12 April 2019 it remains unclear whether a single unified approach will be agreed, what the terms of exit will be, whether those terms will be approved by Parliament, whether there will be a no-deal Brexit (which remains the legal default), or if Article 50 will be extended or revoked. The next 9 days will be crucial in setting a pathway forward.

Given the ongoing uncertainty, Tom Henderson (core Brexit team) will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday 9 April 2019, 1.00 – 1:30pm GMT to discuss the latest political developments and the likely next steps. Tom will be joined by Oliver Lewis, who as one of the leaders of Hanbury Strategy’s Brexit team and former adviser to various Cabinet Ministers, is well placed to share his insights on the current state of play.

The precise conversation will naturally be tailored to the present state of the Brexit negotiations but is intended to be interactive and we encourage any and all Brexit questions both during and in advance of the webinar.

Brexit no-deal planning

Given there remains no agreed withdrawal deal, the default position of a no-deal Brexit at 11pm GMT on Friday 12 April 2019 in which the UK leaves the EU abruptly, with no transition period, remains a possibility. We have a number of resources available to help prepare for the possibility of a no-deal Brexit including:

If you would like to register for the webinar, please contact Clare Costello.