In today’s webinar, Tom Henderson, Senior Associate and member of our core Brexit team, was joined by Oliver Lewis, Director at Hanbury Strategy, to discuss the latest political developments and the likely next steps. As one of the leaders of Hanbury Strategy’s Brexit team and former adviser to various Cabinet Ministers, Oliver is well placed to share his insights on the current state of play.

In an informative discussion, Oliver gave us his views on a variety of issues including:

  • The status of the Theresa May-Jeremy Corbyn Brexit negotiations and next steps;
  • The likely outcome of tomorrow’s EU summit;
  • The implications of the anticipated “flextension” on the future of Brexit;
  • The ongoing possibility of a no-deal Brexit;
  • The timing of Theresa May’s resignation and possible successors.

To access the webinar recording, please contact Prudence Heidemans. If anyone has questions arising out of the webinar, they can submit them via the webinar app and we will respond via email.