The UK is currently scheduled to leave the EU at 11pm GMT on 31 January 2020. The UK will then enter a transition period until 31 December 2020, during which the UK and EU will attempt to agree the terms of their future relationship. The European Commission has begun its preparations for these negotiations: its Task Force For Relations with the UK (UKTF) recently commenced a seminar series, for the Council Working Party, to facilitate internal EU27 discussions on the future relationship. The purpose of the seminar series is to prepare for the negotiating directives and to take into account Member States’ views.

The first seminar, on 10 January 2020, looked at “Personal data protection (adequacy decisions); Cooperation and equivalence in financial services”. A second seminar, on 13 January 2020, examined broadly what a Free Trade Agreement approach would entail for a future EU/UK relationship. A third seminar, on 14 January 2020, considered the benefits of a level playing field for the future relationship. A fourth seminar, also on 14 January 2020, discussed the protection of fishing enterprises and coastal communities as well as the structure of a fisheries agreement. A fifth seminar, on 15 January 2020, reviewed the impact to the energy market. A sixth seminar, also on 15 January 2020, considered the impact to the existing transport infrastructure. A seventh seminar, on 16 January 2020, looked at “Law enforcement and judicial cooperation in criminal matters”. The eighth seminar, on 17 January 2020, examined “Foreign policy, security and defence”. The ninth seminar, on 20 January 2020,  considered the principles, terms and conditions for the UK’s participation in Union programmes. The tenth seminar, also on 20 January 2020, focused on “Mobility of persons”. The eleventh seminar, also on 20 January 2020, examined “Governance”, particularly in areas of cooperation. The twelfth seminar, on 21 January 2020, set out an intention to negotiate a new partnership in the form of a single comprehensive partnership agreement.

Please note that we will update this blog post with other seminar slides when they become publicly available.