Today, we hosted a webinar with James McBride, Partner at Hanbury Strategy and colleagues Eric White, Consultant, and Paul Butcher, Brexit Director, to discuss the progress on the negotiations and the key considerations at this stage, including, amongst other things, the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland, the UK Internal Market Bill and state aid. We also covered how likely no deal at the end of this year is and what its implications would be.

At the start of the webinar, we asked our listeners in a poll what do they think will happen on 31 December 2020, where 54,4% of the respondents thought a no-deal would follow. At the end of the webinar, only 15,4% of our listeners believed this would be the likely outcome and the rest 84,6% considered that a deal of some kind would be reached.

If you would like to listen to the webinar, please contact us here.