Today, we hosted a webinar with Tom White, Director at Global Counsel, and colleagues Eric White, Consultant, and Paul Butcher, Brexit Director, to discuss the latest developments on the negotiations and what the lead up to the end of the transition period holds. We also looked into the kinds of unilateral mitigation measures that the UK and the EU may take in order to smooth trade frictions in the period immediately after 31 December 2020, whether or not there is a deal, as well as the prospects of concluding a mini-deal.

During the webinar, we asked our listeners in a poll what do they think will happen on 31 December 2020, where 84% of the respondents believed a deal of some kind will be concluded and 16% thought a no-deal will follow. This mirrors the results we got at the end of our last webinar on 24 September 2020.

If you would like to listen to the webinar, please contact us here.