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With Brussels and Downing Street at loggerheads our podcast assesses the prospects for “no deal” in 2022.

Paul Butcher, Director of Public Policy and previously Brexit Director, talks to Eric White, Consultant in our Brussels office, who spent over 30 years until 2016 in the European Commission’s Legal Service where, amongst other things, he led the Trade Policy and WTO team. Discussion includes:

  • What the current disagreement between the EU and UK is about;
  • What the UK is threatening to do if its demands are not satisfied;
  • What the EU might do in response – and how that might put us back into a Groundhog Day potential ‘no-deal’ scenario again before this time next year; and
  • Why concerns over consent in Northern Ireland mean the EU might be willing to move further on these issues than they otherwise would have.

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Paul Butcher
Paul Butcher
Director of Public Policy, London
+44 20 7466 2844
Eric White
Eric White
Consultant, Brussels
+32 2 518 1826