The post below was first published on our Arbitration blog Choice of dispute resolution forum can have a fundamental impact on the ability of banks and financial institutions to enforce contractual obligations. In our client webinar on 23 September, Dispute Resolution Choices for Banks and Financial Institutions: Maximising the Chances of Successful Enforcement, Julian Copeman, … Read more

New Brexit Legal Guide section available: Disputes

The updated Disputes section of our Brexit Legal Guide is now available. This provides a useful overview, amongst other things, as to whether: EU law will continue to apply to and in the UK during the transition period; the current rules on both jurisdiction and enforcement of judgments under the recast Brussels Regulation and Lugano Convention will apply where … Read more

Cross-Border Litigation: Latest update published

The post below was first published on our Litigation Notes blog We are pleased to release the latest issue of our periodic publication “Cross-Border Litigation”, designed to highlight legal and practical issues specific to litigation with an international aspect. Read more

Jurisdiction and enforcement after Brexit transition – latest developments re UK’s accession to Hague and Lugano Conventions

This post was first published on our Litigation Notes blog. As noted in our previous blog post, where English legal proceedings are started before the Brexit transition period comes to an end, most likely on 31 December 2020, a judgment obtained pursuant to those proceedings will be readily enforceable in the EU under the recast Brussels … Read more

Brexit under the Withdrawal Agreement: The implications for disputes

The post below first appeared on our Litigation Notes blog. It now seems inevitable that the UK will leave the EU on 31 January 2020 at 11pm GMT under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement concluded between the UK and the EU on 19 October 2019. In this post, we consider the implications for commercial litigation involving … Read more

Brexit and Conflicts of Laws

This article has been extracted from our “A litigator’s yearbook: 2019 (England and Wales)”. If you would like to read the full yearbook (which covers key developments relating to a range of topics including jurisdiction, privilege, contract law, settlement and various aspects of court procedure), it is available on our Litigation Notes blog. The most significant … Read more