New Brexit Papers – Government Position Paper on Collaboration on Science and Innovation and House of Commons Library Briefing Paper on the Withdrawal Bill

The Government has published a position paper on Collaboration on science and innovation. Having previously stated its intent to continue to collaborate with its European partners on major science, research and technology initiatives, this paper sets out the UK’s objectives for a science and innovation partnership agreement with the EU. On 1 September 2017 the … Read more

Legislating for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill was published by the Government in July 2017 and is the key piece of UK domestic legislation that will implement Brexit. In this briefing, we explain the main features of the Withdrawal Bill, how it will impact on UK law and the important scope and interpretation issues that it raises. Read more


Three papers have been released by the UK Government, outlining how the UK will negotiate on the following issues:   •Ongoing Union judicial and administrative proceedings •Nuclear materials and safeguards issues •Privileges and immunities   The Government also released a technical note on implementing the withdrawal agreement. This note focuses on the legal implementation of … Read more


Today the UK Government released the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill (the Repeal Bill), along with an official press release. Explanatory notes, general information about the bill, delegatory powers' memorandum, and a guidance note for businesses and organisations were also made available. We made submissions to the UK Government in response to their White Paper on … Read more

Queen’s Speech Brexit Programme

As had been widely anticipated, today's Queen's Speech was very Brexit focused and will cover a two-year period rather than the usual one year legislative programme, in order to provide sufficient time for Parliament to adopt the legislation by the time the UK leaves the EU on 30 March 2019.  It remains to be seen … Read more

Where next for Brexit – Q&A

Formal Brexit negotiations are starting today. Whereas the EU is ready and keen to go, the UK elections have thrown a spanner in the works as far as the UK is concerned. The new Government's position on Brexit is far from clear and we don't know to what extent there will be a change in … Read more