The View from Brussels: The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill: EU – UK tensions grow

On 13 June, the United Kingdom Government introduced to Parliament the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill that would unilaterally override the main content of the Northern Ireland Protocol (the “Protocol”) contained in the Withdrawal Agreement by which the UK left from the European Union. This is the culmination of a long period of dissatisfaction with the … Read more

EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement approved by the European Parliament

The European Parliament has now finally consented to the Council concluding the Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the United Kingdom clearing the way for its definitive conclusion on 30 April 2021, the day on which the extended period of provisional application will expire. The consent of the European Parliament was never really in doubt but … Read more

New Beyond Brexit Legal Guide section available: The Withdrawal Agreement Q&A

The updated Withdrawal Agreement Q&A section of our Beyond Brexit Legal Guide is now available. This provides a useful overview of: what the Withdrawal Agreement is and what it includes; the Northern Ireland Protocol and how it differs from the original backstop; the relationship between the Withdrawal Agreement and the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 the applicability of … Read more

Race against time to ratify any Brexit trade agreement

If, by the middle of November 2020, the EU and UK agree the terms of a new trade agreement that will define the shape of their future relationship from 1 January, our expectation is that it will be ratified by both sides as required to ensure that it comes into force in time for the … Read more

Brexit countdown: Big changes are coming on 1 January 2021 whatever happens as negotiation tensions rise

As businesses and governments around the world continue to grapple with the implications of COVID-19, Brexit is fast approaching. This time for real. Last year, as businesses awaited a potential Brexit without a deal, the difference was stark. ‘Deal’ meant entering a status quo transition period in which essentially nothing changed for business; whereas ‘no-deal’ … Read more