Brexit negotiations ready to move to next phase

Following agreement reached in the early hours today on the Irish border issue, the negotiators have agreed that sufficient progress has now been made on the first phase of the negotiations in order to move on to the next phase which will cover preliminary and preparatory discussions on the framework for a future relationship. The … Read more

UK Government announces new key Bill relating to Withdrawal Agreement

The UK Government has announced that a new Bill will be released which will, once passed, enshrine the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU into UK law. This new Bill will ensure that the major policy decisions made in the Withdrawal Agreement are scrutinised by parliament before being made UK law. Before this … Read more

The Brexit negotiations – the view from Brussels on developments in October

The Brexit debate often looks different viewed from Brussels rather than from London. It is however important for businesses to also keep in mind the Brussels perspective and therefore we publish a monthly view from our Brussels office on recent developments and the state of the negotiations. In this second issue of ‘The view from … Read more

UK government gives assurances to EU citizens in the UK

The post below was first published on our Employment blog The rights of EU citizens currently in the UK were the subject of considerable focus last week, in light of concerns as to whether the Home Office will be able to handle applications from the estimated three million EU citizens currently here and the position if … Read more

Brexit negotiations key resources – new page on our Brexit blog

A new page has been added to this blog: UK/EU Papers The page contains the key resources from the UK and the EU relating to the Brexit negotiations, including speeches, white papers, position papers and policy papers, as well as all of our blog posts relating to these materials. Check out this new page here. Read more

What future for public procurement regulation in the UK post-Brexit?

The extent to which the UK Government will eventually be free to modify or even repeal the regulations on public procurement, post-Brexit, will depend largely on the outcome of the ongoing negotiations between the EU and the UK Government, as well as the policy choices of the UK Government post-Brexit. Several recent developments in the … Read more