Upcoming webinar: Brexit after the European Parliament elections

At the time of sending this invitation, cross-party talks between the Conservatives and Labour remain in a deadlock with no sign of agreement being reached in time for ratification of a withdrawal deal before the forthcoming European Parliament elections. With this in mind, UK voters are going to be asked to cast votes for new … Read more

Upcoming webinar – Brexit and the UK’s local elections

The UK and the EU have agreed on a second Article 50 extension until 31 October 2019 which may end earlier, should a withdrawal deal be ratified prior to this date.  However, with deadlock between the Conservatives and Labour showing no signs of easing it remains unclear precisely what will happen next. In the meantime, … Read more

Webinar available – The Brexit endgame

In today’s webinar, Tom Henderson, Senior Associate and member of our core Brexit team, was joined by Oliver Lewis, Director at Hanbury Strategy, to discuss the latest political developments and the likely next steps. As one of the leaders of Hanbury Strategy’s Brexit team and former adviser to various Cabinet Ministers, Oliver is well placed … Read more

Upcoming webinar – The Brexit endgame?

At the time of organising this webinar and following the defeat of the negotiated Withdrawal Agreement for a third time and the House of Commons’ inability to agree an alternative way forward by way of indicative votes, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have agreed to sit down to agree a plan for leaving the EU … Read more