Setting aside a judgment for fraud: applying the three-limb test

In a recent decision the Court of Appeal has analysed how a court should apply the established test as to when a judgment should be set aside on the basis of fraud: Tinkler v Esken Ltd [2023] EWCA Civ 655. Despite the traditional adage that “fraud unravels all”, an unsuccessful litigant must do more than merely produce evidence … Read more

Crypto fraud: English High Court sets aside interim proprietary injunction against cryptocurrency exchange Binance

In an important decision in the developing law on cryptocurrency fraud, the English High Court has discharged an interim proprietary injunction against the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The interim injunction had required Binance to preserve certain cryptocurrency that the claimant, the alleged victim of a cryptocurrency fraud, claimed to be able to trace to the exchange: … Read more

High Court applies Privy Council restatement of the law of interim injunctions

In a recent decision, the High Court has upheld an injunction restraining a defendant from abusing, harassing or threatening the claimant’s solicitors until trial or further order.  In doing so, it made clear that the court’s approach to granting interim injunctions has been fundamentally altered by the the Privy Council”s “ground-breaking exposition of the law … Read more