Greenwashing dispute risks – International perspectives

With companies increasingly making environmental claims and a rise in ESG regulation, we outline the risks of greenwashing allegations in three key markets Fuelled by the global spread of ESG and climate-related disclosure obligations and coupled with pressures from increasingly ESG-driven stakeholders, businesses are saying more than ever about their environmental and social performance. These … Read more

Innovation, IP and the energy transition – Creative tensions

Reconciling the need for breakthroughs to back the energy transition with the commercial drivers required to achieve them will demand thoughtful use of IP The scale of the change needed to tackle climate change is enormous and it is clear the global transformation to a low carbon economy will be underpinned by technological innovation. Incredibly, … Read more

Climate disputes – Parent company and supply chain risk

Growth of transnational tort claims means businesses risk liability for environmental failures by subsidiaries and counterparties In recent decades, there has been a marked increase in the number of actions brought in the UK and elsewhere based on alleged environmental and human rights-based failings by large multinational corporations. As these claims have developed in the … Read more

Global perspectives on climate disputes – A recent history of shareholder claims

Our series on climate disputes finds the UK, Australia and the US placing high hurdles to successful investor claims but the risk is growing. Recent years have shown a rise in activist shareholders striving to shape corporate conduct around ESG matters, particularly climate change. Institutional investors are increasingly backing such initiatives, driven by the need to … Read more

UK government launches call for evidence on scope 3 emissions reporting

UK government seeks views on the costs, benefits and practicalities of Scope 3 emissions reporting to inform whether it endorses the International Sustainability Standard Board’s sustainability disclosure standards.  The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (“DESNZ“) has launched a call for evidence on Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions (“GHG“) reporting. Scope 3 emissions are … Read more

UK Transition Plan Taskforce publishes final disclosure framework

On 9 October 2023, the UK’s Transition Plan Taskforce (“TPT“) published its final disclosure framework (“Disclosure Framework“) and supporting documents. The Disclosure Framework is intended to act as a “gold standard” for companies to develop, disclose and deliver their climate transition plans. The Disclosure Framework seeks to offer practical support to UK companies already disclosing … Read more


2023 has been dubbed the “Year of the Transition Plan”. From pledges to planning, markets and regulators tip the scales as they move to deliver on net-zero commitments.  As regulatory developments loom for mandatory disclosures of climate transition plans, businesses are increasingly turning their minds to what this means for them and the steps they … Read more

Sharm El-Sheikh COP 27 – final round-up

Final days Negotiations at COP 27 spilled over into the weekend and finished more than 36 hours later than expected. Whilst agreement was met on many key issues, there were multiple points that remained contentious. These include: A resolution that peak emissions should occur in 2025 (and that after that date, world emissions should start … Read more