What is the difference between variations to and variations under a construction contract? Although the two concepts are easily confused, the distinction is very important given the significant differences in the implementation and outcome of each. 

The London Construction & Infrastructure Group are pleased to share the first episode in our ‘Construction Contract & Claims Management’ podcast series which explores what is meant by each of these two types of “variations” and some of the practical and legal points which may arise. 

This episode can be found on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud.

This episode is accompanied by a checklist which sets out some of the key matters to be considered when dealing with or implementing variations to and/or under a construction contract. The checklist can be viewed and downloaded here. 

All episodes and accompanying checklists in our ‘Construction Contract & Claims Management’ podcast series can also be found on our web page.

The next episode in the series will discuss the pitfalls of suspending or terminating a construction contract.

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