COVID-2019: Insurance and Construction Projects Podcast

In our latest podcast, James Doe (Partner, UK Head of Construction & Infrastructure Disputes), Emma Schaafsma (Partner, Construction & Infrastructure Disputes) & Sarah McNally (Partner, Insurance Disputes) look at how construction contracts are currently being affected by COVID-2019 and the extent to which insurance cover might protect against losses.


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James Doe
James Doe
Partner and UK Head of Construction & Infrastructure Disputes, London
+44 20 7466 2583
Emma Schaafsma
Emma Schaafsma
Partner, Dispute Resolution
+44 20 7466 2597
Sarah McNally
Sarah McNally
Partner, Insurance Disputes
+44 20 7466 2872

Case Digest: The importance of the written word – delays in moving (Heaven) and Earth

In Lucas Earthmovers Pty Limited v Anglogold Ashanti Australia Limited [2019] FCA 1049, the Federal Court of Australia considered several issues that typically arise in large-scale resources projects. In so doing, it reinforced the sanctity of the agreed bargain between the parties and highlighted the inherent difficulties in proving the oft-claimed, but rarely successful, misleading and deceptive conduct claims under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Continue reading

Construction Case Law Digest 2018/2019

Over the last 12 months, there have been a number of notable cases with significant implications for construction law and practice.

As well as several adjudication cases, such as the widely discussed Grove Developments, which untangled the conflicting authorities around true value adjudications, there were a number of cases that considered fundamental issues of contract law, the findings of which will be relevant to anyone involved in the preparation and/or management of construction contracts.

There were also cases that addressed core construction law issues, such as design liability, construction insurance, liquidated damages, and the prevention principle which the courts have clarified is not an overriding rule of law.

Important lessons were also learnt in respect of the role of experts in construction disputes, as Fraser J’s judgment in the long-running ICI dispute highlighted the importance of independent expert evidence.

In this construction case law digest, we have selected some of the most noteworthy cases from the past year, which will be of interest to the construction and engineering industry. Each case includes a summary of the factual background, decision(s), and the key practice points of each case.

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